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liriell said: Just wanted to say "thanks" again! That was my first time selling turnips, I was unsure how to do, how to tip, how much to tip... but thanks to you was a nice and easy experience. (◡ω◡✿)

Oh, anytime :) I am glad to help!

liriell said: Is your gate still open in ACNL? If yes, my FC is 4313-0428-7046

Yup, I added you. 5370-1685-5010. Gate is opening.

punkfae said: awesome! my fc is 4398-9724-2183

Okay, my gate is open :)

punkfae said: hey is your store still open? I just got some turnips I'd love to sell!

Sure! 5370-1685-5010


Current Date: April 22nd (Tuesday)

Player Name: Candy

Name of Town: Sparkle

Turnip Price: 435

Current R/L Time: Eastern Time


Note: My store is only open for about 4 more hours so message me as soon as you can. It closes at 2am. I am just asking for some bells in return, whatever you can donate :)

2 more hours left. Store closes at 2am Eastern Time.

quentintaranchinos said: hey, i'm so sorry i didn't notice the response until now, is your gate still open?

Yes :)

whisperingwordsoflove said: Not sure if you added me though, I didn't receive a notification the the friends list

Oh, what’s your FC again?

whisperingwordsoflove said: I'm sorry, I was checking my inbox and didn't check your blog for a reply

Its okay, my gates are open.

quentintaranchinos said: hey, can i sell my turnips in your town? my fc is 0018-1616-7526 :)

I added you, i’m opening now.

whisperingwordsoflove said: Hi! May I come over to sell turnips? My FC is 0318-7921-1569. I'm sorry if you got this message twice

Sure, I’ll add you now.

My FC is: 5370-1685-5010


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